March 27 – A striped skirt and bangles for days…





Tee: Oldnavy

Skirt: From my sister (refashioned)

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Bracelets: F21, Aldo, Gifts

Flats: Oldnavy

Sorry for the mean-muggin’ look =0P. Also, peep those white ankles and feet! Oh Lordddd….how I need to lay out in the sun for a few minutes! =0)

Anywho, my sister gave me this skirt but it was a bit too big.  I decided to transform it from an A-line skirt to a pencil skirt.  It’s a bit assymetrical which gives it a bit of an edge to a plain skirt.  I’m loving the bright colors of the accessories and the shoes because well it’s Spring!

Until next time…


March 26 – A bit of black in the Springtime…





Tee: Oldnavy

Blazer: My mother

Jeans: Oldnavy

Boots: Oldnavy

A whole lotta Oldnavy today, huh?

I love outfits like these where I can throw on a blazer over a tee and jeans.  It’s perfect for church and work and even going out with friends.

You may have noticed that I’ve been exploring more with lip colors these days.  I will only rock a few colors when it comes to lip products – red, hot pink, dark berry colors, my own lips.

This lip color combo is perfect for an outfit like this because it brings a bit more color into it.  I definitely need to dust my lip products off and put them to work more. =0)

Until next time…


March 25 – The teacher-y outfit…




Tee: Oldnavy

Skirt: Self-Made

Scarves: Self-Made

Flats: Oldnavy

If I walked the path of teaching, as I’d always planned to do, I probably would’ve worn something like this.  The skirt is so comfortable and of course, flats are perfect when you’re standing on your feet all day.  I love the colors too as they’re a bit patriotic without trying too hard.

The perfect teacher-y outfit =0P

Until next time…


March 24 – A Springtime date night look…




Dress: Plato’s Closet

Necklaces: Depop, F21

Shoes: DSW – Report Signature brand

I love this dress…

The last time I wore it was when I went to my best friend’s wedding last year.  It’s so light and airy; plus I’m a sucker for a hi-lo hemline.  I love the color too as it’s the type that you can wear all year round without fail and anyone can wear it because it compliments so many different skin tones…

It’s the perfect outfit to wear on a date.  It showcases the stems (as people call them) and you get to peep your nice (hopefully) pedicure.  There’s ample coverage in the back so you’re not lookin’ like a ho’ and it’s simply really comfortable. And, most importantly, you can dance in it =0)

I bought these shoes a few weeks ago and almost didn’t get them (am I glad I decided to forgo that idea…).  I was looking for another type of shoe, completely different from this one, but decided to try this on.  They fit and felt really comfortable so I picked them up.  I got them from the clearance section in DSW and get this, they were 80% off! They were originally well over $100 and when they moved to clearance, they were about $90. Take the 80% off and you’ve got quite the bargain.

We know Dee loves a good bargain…

They are super comfortable and really cute to wear with just about anything…got them just in time for the season =0)

Until next time…


March 23 – Some flowers, a bit of fur, a smidgen of burgundy




Sweater: Gap

Vest: From my great-aunt

Jeans: H&M

Flats (not picture – we’ve seen them a million times): Oldnavy

So many things going on in this outfit, but I LOVE it! I first wore this fur vest on NYE with the burgundy swing dress that I made.  It is real which is not my choice, but it was passed down to my sister and I from one of our great-aunts after she passed away, do it has an immense sentimental value to it.  I now understand why people wear fur when it’s cold…I was SWEATING in this when I wore it with the dress. I don’t get hot often, but oh boy!

Anywho, this is a fave!

Until next time…


March 20 – Feelin’ like Superman…






Cape: My sister

Blouse: H&M

Pants: Self-made

Shoes: DSW – Me Too brand

I look like I’m levitating in that first picture…

My sister bought this cape for me a few months ago and I love it! I definitely need to wear it more often.

I also made these pants (man! You guys are getting all the sewing goods I’ve been working on for a while now =0P ).  They were the first pair of pants that I made that fit quite well in the waist and the booty.  They are EXTREMELY high waisted (just a few inches below the bust), but they fit like a glove.  Pants were always an issue for me because there is about a 13-14 inch difference between my waist and my rear.  That’s HUGE! So needless to say, shopping for pants is a bit hard for me.  I’ve been able to figure out my size in certain brands of course, but I still have to alter them in some way…

For instance, take H&M.  They are designing for the flat as a board type – something I am not familiar with.  I am short, have an athletic build, small waist, and a rotund booty – so many conflicts in one package.  I wear a size 10-12 in their pants (I’m a solid size 6 everywhere else) and always have to take the waist in because it’s too big by about 5 inches.

It’s extremely frustrating to have to do that all the time, but I know that I’m not the only one…

Needless to say, I’m glad that I have the option of making my own =0)

I feel like I need to be smoking a long cigarette like Cruella De Vil or carry a fancy walking stick in this outfit. =0P

Until next time…



March 20 – TOMS bags

I love TOMS shoes…

I love the mission behind the company and the fit of their shoes.  However, today is all about their new line of bags that I’m super excited to explore.

I’m digging every single one of these bags and I don’t typically go for the boho, slouchy look.  I’ve been getting in the groove with backpacks lately (I think it’s because I have a bit of travelling coming up this year) because I’m sick of the ol’ Jansport and Land’s End backpacks.

It’s time for Dee to live in the now and get her hands onto a nicer, more current bag.  Below you’ll find the bags I’m diggin’ from Toms along with the link to check out the rest of the bags.  Which ones your favorite?!

(All photos found at


Find all the bags here!

Until next time…


March 19 – Another day, another swing dress…





Dress: Self-made

Scarf: My mother

Boots: My sister

This was the first swing dress I made from the same pattern of Tuesday’s post.  It’s so flowy and breathable that I can certainly wear it well into the spring time.  I love that I paired the outfit with these boots instead of black ones because it breaks the monotony out of the outfit.  I love a good black boot/shoe, but sometimes you need to change it up a bit.  =0)

Until next time…




March 18 – So much leopard…cheetah? who knows…





Tee: Gap

Jeans: H&M

Scarf: My mother

Boots: From a friend

I wore this outfit a few months ago when I met up with some of my closest girlfriends.  My best friend said to me, “How many animals did you kill to put that outfit together?” She’s so crazy =0P

I’ve always confused cheetah and leopard – thinking they’re synonymous as they’re both cats. Either way, they’re some of my favorite animal prints to wear.  I love this outfit so much and figured I’d show how I wore it.  Also, the jeans were $7 from H&M! Score!! We know Dee loves a good bargain =0)

Until next time…


March 17 – Inspired by Pinterest…






Dress: Self-made

Necklace: H&M

Boots: eBay

I was inspired by the first picture to recreate this dress.  I used a shirt pattern from one of the many patterns I’ve acquired over the past couple of months but extended the hemline to cover my booty.

I’m really diggin’ this dress.  When I was finished, I was so proud because it came out the way I wanted in the fabric that I wanted and everything! It was actually sitting in my wardrobe for a while because I needed to finish the neckline.  I ordered a presser foot/needle kit from Singer and would not finish that neckline until I received the kit.  Lord, how have I gone so long without using a twin needle?!

I just wore this outfit for church this past Sunday and just knew I had to show it one here =0)

And of course, you gotta dance when you’re in a swing dress right?! =0)

What do you think of my little dress?!

Until next time…