April 23 – Floral pants…again?




I did want to start wearing more florals…I guess it’s all or nothing right?!

Tee: Gap

Pants: Oldnavy

Necklace: Jewelmint

Flats: Oldnavy

I believe I first saw these pants on an Oldnavy commercial or while perusing their site.  This has to be my favorite type of pant from them – the Pixie pant.  The entire line has such fun prints that it’s hard to choose which ones you want to buy without having to file bankruptcy afterwards =0)

Below you’ll find some of my favorites (some are on sale so they are clearly going fast!) (Photos found at Oldnavy.com)

Old NavyOld NavyOld NavyOld NavyOld NavyOld NavyOld Navy








Until next time…


April 22 – Tee Shirt Dress…part deux





I can’t get enough of these shoes! I apologize in advance for showing them all the time, but that’s the sign of a good shoe right?! They are perfect for every outfit and I plan on wearing them until they fall apart! =0)

Dress: Oldnavy

Belt: Thrift Store

Shoes: JustFab

This is such a fun, spring-y look.  It’s super comfortable and can be worn for almost any occasion (except for the occasional awards shows I attend…NOT!) =0).

As I mentioned above, I’m totally digging these shoes.  they are soooo comfortable that sometimes I just don’t want to take them off.  Other than my flats, there are probably going to be my “go-tos” this spring and summer season =0)

Until next time…


April 20 – Pink, florals, and leopard..Oh my!




Sweater: H&M

Jeans: Thrift Store (H&M brand-new)

Flats: H&M

I first purchased these jeans a few months ago at the thrift store for $3.  They were brand new with the tags on and were my size (what luck!).  I decided to pair them with something a bit sweet on top – cue the pink sweater.

I don’t typically wear much pink unless there are other colors with it, but I’m totally down with baby pink these days.  When I decided to start buying clothes again, I knew I wanted to do two things: (1) try out different colors that I don’t normally wear, (2) buy more pullover sweaters.

This outfit incorporates those two concepts perfectly.  I love all the different prints going on too and feel as though they compliment each other well.

Until next time…


April 16 – Trendy top…





Shirt: Express

Jeans: Gap

Necklace: Jewelmint

Bracelet: Gift

Sandals: DSW – Mixed No. 6 brand

I’ve seen this type of shirt all over the place – Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, etc.  I knew I wanted to get my hands on it, but wasn’t trying to pay an exuberant amount for it (would Dee really have it any other way?).  I got this on super sale from Express and really love the color.  Honestly, as pretty as it is, it’s not very comfortable.  When I put it on and take it off, I feel like I have to be extra delicate with it or it’ll tear apart…tis my life…

Until next time…


April 15 – Plaid pants…






Sweater: Gap

Pants: Oldnavy

Necklace: H&M

Never did I think that I would own a pair of pants like these…

Holy plaid Batman!

I saw these at Oldnavy and even though I was a bit scared by the pattern, I decided to pick them up.  I’m trying to wear things outside of my typical garbs…

They’ve actually been in my wardrobe for a few months now because I wasn’t sure about how to wear them.  Even though it’s getting warmer, I figured, a neutral sweater would be the best bet.  My thinking was, “I’ll most likely wear this to work and they love to blast the air 24/7 so, I’ll be comfortable…” =0)

Not your typical plaid/tartan pattern, but they work for me!

Until next time…


April 14 – Airport Style – The Tee Shirt Dress…





Dress: Oldnavy

Scarf: Gap

Sneakers: DSW – Converse brand

Today I am heading out to Texas for work for a few days and I’m really excited about it. #1 rule to any airport style is COMFORT! You have to be comfortable whether you’re on a plane for 45 minutes or 18 hours.

I picked this dress up (along with another one) from Oldnavy a few days ago and I’m glad to be putting it to good use.  One thing I’ve found with t-shirt dresses is that retailers size down because of the amount of stretch in the material.  I originally bought a medium (to compensate for my rear), but that  was disappointing; so I had to go back and pick up a large.  I’m so glad I did too because that medium was tight on my bootay…

Coupled with a pair of sneakers and nice big scarf, I think I’m more than ready for my flight.


Until next time…


April 13 – Yesterday’s dress…I looked cute =0)






Dress: My sister

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: JustFab

I have officially become obsessed with JustFab.  I’ve had nothing but good experiences in shopping with them that it’s outrageous. I’m constantly looking at new styles that come in and am excited to explore more of their clothing.

These shoes are going to be a staple this season for whatever I’m wearing. They are the perfect color, perfect shape and perfect height. They were extremely comfortable as I traipsed from room to room at church yesterday.  =0)


This dress…this is why God made older siblings…

My sister and I don’t wear the same sizes typically, but sometimes, if things don’t fit her or don’t look right, she’ll pass them along to me.  This is one of those items.  This was the first time I wore this and I really loved the outfit.

I knew I was going to wear this for the past week and needed to find some jewelry to go with it. I perused my go-tos – F21 and H&M – but struck out big time.  I decided to take a few extra steps to Charlotte Russe and voila! I bought two necklaces and two bracelet sets for $20.  This necklace was perfect and even though I decided to forgo the bracelets, they were perfect too.

Needless to say, I was feelin’ myself a bit yesterday because I thought I looked cute =0)

Until next time…


April 10 – The Edgy Booties…





Tee: Oldnavy

Jeans: Gap

Jacket: H&M

Booties: DSW – Mixed No.6 brand

I’d never thought I’d own a pair of booties like these…

They are probably the edgiest thing that I own right through here…

As soon as I saw them at DSW, I knew I needed them! I had seen them a number of times at the store, but never picked them up because they seemed to be too much money…even for the clearance rack.  However, this particular day, the DSW gods and goddesses thought that I really needed them and decided to offer them to me for a much lower price (I believe I paid less than $20 bucks for them).

I’m so damn cheap, but I can’t help it! I do pay full price for some things and surprisingly it’s for shoes.

I thought that since these are quite quirky and edgy, I felt that the most appropriate thing to pair with these was my faux leather jacket.  Nice little combo, don’t cha think?

All I need now is a Harley…


Until next time…


April 8 – A few Neutrals and a pop of Burgundy…





Tee: Gap

Skirt: F21

Jacket: Gap


Necklace: Thrift Shop

I love an outfit that consists of neutrals because that is my style in a nutshell.  I have all of these ideas of cool, quirky outfits, but I always seem to stick to a good ol’ neutral palette.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that and I’ve noticed, especially with the seasoned ones, other bloggers embodying this simple, minimalist type of style these days.  Burgundy is one of my favorite colors to wear with a neutral outfit. It’s kind of like a muted version of wearing cherry red with a black and white outfit.

Even though this outfit is totally up my alley, lemme tell you honey, these booties HURT! They zip up on the side and snap to keep it closed and that little bit rubs up against the skin and scratches me.  I rarely wear these shoes; and if I do, I typically wear them with socks.  I’ll probably put a band-aid or something on the inside to prevent it from rubbing so badly, but lawdddd it hurts!

Beauty is pain right? NOT! =0P

Until next time…


April 7 – Aztec, Yellow and Blue…






Top: F21

Skirt: F21

Flats: Oldnavy

This color/print combo is giving me life.  I love the brightness of these flats and the little bit of attitude the skirt adds to the outfit.  I think it’s perfect for spring and when it gets a bit hotter, I’d switch out this top with a cute tank. Uh! I love!


Until next time…