October 25 OOTD


A little bit of sunshine won’t hurt…

Top: Oldnavy

Skirt: Self-made

Scarf: My mother

Belt: H&M

Flats: Oldnavy

I haven’t worn this skirt in a few months so I decided to break it out again.  The weather today is the best it’s been in the past couple of days as we’ve been hit with rainy days thorughout the week.

I figured if I wore yellow, the sun would peek it’s face out and shine bright…like a diamond (Rihanna anyone? Bueller?)

Anywho, I don’t have much going on today but it shall be a good day nonetheless!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! =0)

Until next time…


October 24 – Nail look for Breast Cancer Month


(Sally Hensen Double Duty, Sally Hensen Salon Manicure in Back to the Fuschia, Ulta Salon Formula Nail Laquer in Snow White, Nicole by OPI in Candy is Dandy, OCCC Shellac’D top coat, Julep Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops)

I was initially inspired by the gals over at SistasfromCali and their Montly Mani for this month. Check the post out here.

BreastCancerNails1 BreastCancerNails2

Please excuse the wonky symbol lol

One special thing about this mani is the fact that the sparkly pink nail color was originally my mother’s. I don’t know if she ever got to use it, but I found it and thought it would be perfect, and quite appropriate, for this nail look.

Ooo I miss that lady so much! But, I’m eternally grateful that she is no longer suffering from breast cancer. RIP mama aka my sunshine aka Lil Ol’ Debbie =0)

Until next time…


October 24 OOTD


Tee: Random boutique

Sweater: Gap

Jeans: Gap

Necklace: Gift

Flats: Five Below

It’s all about color today.

I’m so happy it’s Friday because I definitely thought Thursday was Friday =0( Not cool…

You ever have one of those weeks where the days run together and you can’t remember what the actual day is? Yeah, it’s been one of those for me this week.

My brain has been on Friday-mode since Tuesday…



Until next time…


October 23 – Nail polish buys

I’ve really been into reds, sparkles and metallics in the past couple of months.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I do my nails about 2-3 times a week, depending on my mood.

My favorite places to buy nail polish are Ulta and CVS.  CVS is about 10 minutes from my house and I’m there multiple times a week – but not just for nail polish =0)

I found myself at CVS, again, and came across Selma Hayek’s line of polishes called Nuance.  I picked up two colors to try.  In addition to the Nuance colors, here are the others that I’ve accumulated in the past month or so (with the exception of Julep – two months are in there).



(From L to R: Wet n’ Wild Megalast in I Red a Book, Milani in Silouhette, Nuance in Pink Grapefruit, Nuance in Prickly Pear)


(From L to R: China Glaze in Glitz’n Pieces, Bling It On, Cosmic Dust)

I know you see those price tags! Always strikin’ a deal =0P


(From L to R: Julep in Eliana, Tazeen, Neha, Kirby)


(From L to R: Sally Hensen Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet and Sea-ing Stars and Insta-Dri in Silver Sweep)

Nail polish – it’s my thang!! =0)

I obviously need more..80 nail polishes just isn’t enough…

Until next time…


October 23 OOTD


Top: F21

Pants: Self-made

Flats: F21

I loveeee these pants! I finished them last week after procrastinating for a few weeks…

I bought the pattern for a jumpsuit a few months ago and bought the fabric a few weeks ago.

I knew that I loved the pants, but didn’t want to make the bodice – so I just stuck with the pattern pieces dedicated to the pants.

As you can see from the photo, the pants are quite long and have an open bottom.  I wanted something that was elasticated and a bit shorter so I could wear flats with them.  I also wanted something that I could “hike” up during the spring/summer season for a shorter harem pant effect.

They came out pretty good I must say and they are sooooo comfortable!

I’m in absolute love with the fabric choice and love the print! I just love everything about it =0P

This was the first time I’d worked with a pattern – understanding notches, markings and such.  Man, it was a slight challenge, but so worth it.


Right now, I’m working on two dresses – from patterns (see below).  Once I’m done (hopefully by this weekend) I’ll show them.  I found these patterns awhile ago and just needed the right fabric. So excited to wear them =0)

B6007, Misses' Dress and Belt

See & Sew B6007

V1314, Misses' Dress

Vogue 1314

I was originally inspired to pick up this pattern because of a blog post by Mimi G. She is seriously my idol when it comes to self-taught sewing and fashions.  Check out the post here.

She’s got an amazing body and I can totally relate as someone with a smaller waist, little boobies and a booty for days =0P

Can’t wait to show you these creations when they’re done! =0)

Until next time…


October 22 – Running Sneakers/Trainers and Dresses?

I’ve seen this all over social media and the magazines. I even own a pair of cute sneakers, but my running sneakers with a cute skirt and blouse set or dress? Never would have thought they would pair beautifully. Some of the outfits are super cute and others, in my opinion, missed the mark (I’m all about that tulle skirt and pink sneaks).

The inspiration of this post comes from an article on the Well Good Anywhere site. Read all about the sneakers that we should purchase to wear with dresses here.

You’ve got to admit though…it’s nice to know that you can still be stylin’ with a comfortable pair of shoes =0D


October 22 OOTD


Tee: Gap

Sweater: My mother

Jeans: Gap

Necklace: Jewelmint

Flats: H&M

I’m so glad I found this sweater.  It’s one of several other sweaters that I’m keeping that belonged to my mother.  It’s so soft and I love the fact that it’s a bit longer so the next time I wear it, I can belt it or something along those lines.

I’m glad that I am able to keep some of my mom’s clothing.  In some weird way, I still feel connected to her when I wear them. =0)

Until next time…


October 21 – Overnight Oats

I’ve just stumbled upon this new fad…overnight oats.

I’m probably super late to the party, but I’ve never heard of overnight oats until a few weeks ago.

The only overnight food that I consume on a regular basis is chia pudding (I’m so glad that I stumbled upon that – food from the GODSSSS!).  I was just putzing around on the ‘net when I came across a picture of some soft looking oats in a mason jar (everything is done in those jars these days…)

Anywho, they looked filling and equally scrumptious.  I have a huge bag of oats in the cabinet that I definitely want to use and I’m thinking of making this for my breakfast in the morning.  Right now, I eat either a bowl (or 6) of cereal and/or a smoothie chock full of protein to get me through the day.

Now that it’s much cooler, I may not be in the mood for something cold, but I do drink smoothies regularly so I guess it shouldn’t matter. =0)

Until next time…


October 21 OOTD


Tee: Gap

Sweater: Plato’s Closet

Leggings: H&M

Belt: H&M

Flats: DSW

It’s all about comfort today (when is it not, really?).

I’ve been really digging wearing leggings as bottoms lately.  Never thought I’d be one of the those people, but I guess I am now when I don’t want to wear actual pants…

I always make sure that the top or tops is/are long enough because my bum tends to take up a lot of space =0P

I could probably fall asleep in this outfit and still be comfortable…


Until next time…


October 20 – Thug Kitchen cookbook

Thug Kitchen

(Photos, clockwise from left: Rodale, Matt Dukor/Epicurious, Thug Kitchen)

I’m not one that does cookbook reviews…I leave that to the professionals, like my sister over at The Art of Sunday Dinner

However, I might just do one for the sake of this cookbook.

I would see images of recipes on sites like Imgur and Reddit that had the same tone as the recipes in this book. I’m not sure if they were taken from their blog as it was a long time ago that I saw the recipes, but you’ve got to admit, they are freakin’ hilarious.

Check out their Thug Kitchen blog here.

I’m definitely getting my hands on this book and will share with the world my ultimate joy as I start cooking some of these recipes =0)

I think they just took cooking, and the cookbook, to a whole different level…

Until next time…