May 27 – Week of DIY’s – Week 1, Day 3 – The Refashioned Sleeveless Blazer

Today’s DIY day is a bit different in comparison to the last two days.  It’s all about refashioning this blazer that I bought at the thrift store a few months ago.

I love going to the thrift store, not only because the stuff is hella cheap, but it gives the opportunity to turn something kind of ugly into something useful and halfway decent-looking.  I was perusing the dresses section and came across this blazer (with its sleeves) and decided to pick it up.  I watch/follow quite a few people who are experts at refashioning thrift store items, so I decided to envoke their spirits to help me with this.

The first thing I wanted to do was cut the sleeves off.  They were super long and big and overall unflattering – they had to go.  I knew I wanted to see how I could style this piece and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time. Below, you’ll see how I styled it. =0)


As a dress: This was the first thing I thought of simply because of where I found it in the store and also its length.  It’s a conservative length – at the knee – so it’s perfect for wearing to work or a business-y event.  Since the buttons stop right around my belly button, I decided to put a skirt on underneath for protection.




Blazer: Thrift Store

Belt: Thrift Store

Shoes: Steve Madden

Over a casual getup: I really like this look.  It gives a bit of structure to this seemingly casusal outfit of a tee shirt, shorts and sneakers.  I felt a slight air of sophistication when I put this one together.  You can easily switch up the shoes for a more edgy effect, but I’m diggin’ my Converses =0)




Tee: H&M

Shorts: F21

Blazer: Thrift Store

Sneakers: DSW – Converse brand

Over a dress: I purchased this dress a few years ago for my 25th birthday.  I wanted a fun animal print to wear as I got “turnt” for that day.  I have worn it to work a few times and typically wear  it with a blazer (that possesses sleeves of course).  I like this so much because it adds a little something something  to the dress.



Dress: F21

Blazer: Thrift Store

Shoes: Marshalls or TJMAXX – Rampage brand

So how did I do??

Until next time…



May 26 – Week of DIY’s – Week 1, Day 2 – The Kimono

For the second day of DIY’s, I am bringing to you this lovely kimono.  A few weeks back (maybe even a few months), my aunt and grandmother gave me a ton of extra fabric that they weren’t going to use.  I went through the pile, categorized the pieces by project type (skirt, dress, etc.) and proceeded to start on those projects.

As soon as I saw these pink fabrics, I knew I needed to make a kimono.  The colors are bright and fun so what better way to use them?! There was more than enough for me to make one and it came out much better than I thought.  The fringe bit was a last minute decision, but I’m happy with the result.

What I love about kimonos is the that you can wear them in many different styles.  Below, you’ll see how I’ve styled it, but I would also wear this to the beach as a nice cover-up and belt it into a dress for a night out on the boardwalk or dinner at a nearby restaurant.  It’s the perfect item to wear during these warmer days/nights =0)






Tank: H&M

Jeans: Thredup

Kimono: Self-made

Belt: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Shoes: DSW – Aldo brand


Until next time…


May 25 – Week of DIY’s – Week 1, Day 1 – Parisian Style

So I’m really excited about this new series that I’m starting.  I’m going to call it the Week of DIY’s.  It’ll consist of DIY’s that I’ve been working on lately or just in general that I’d like to showcase on the blog.  Seeing as this is primarily a fashion blog, I decided to start with strictly fashion related items such as clothing.  I’m thinking of doing this once a month (considering it’s an entire week) and seeing how it goes.

I’m really excited to share some of the goodies that I’ve made, especially since not many, even my family, haven’t seen some of these items yet.

So, I think it only appropriate to start with the outfit I actually wore yesterday to church.  I get my inspiration from everywhere; and one of those is this printed fabric that I bought almost a year ago that had all thing Paris related (you’ll see what I did with that fabric later in the week).  I’ve been greatly inspired by Parisian style, so I decided to make myself a red pleated skirt and pair it with my favorite nude heels and striped top.  All that’s missing is a red lip =0)

I’m a bigggg sucker for a pleated skirt and considering the fact that this is the third one I’ve made in 6 months, I say that I have a bit of an obsession. =0)





Shirt: Oldnavy

Skirt: Self-made

Shoes: Justfab

Until next time…


May 22 – The Breezy, Flowy outfit…







Shirt: H&M

Pants: Thrift Store

Necklace: H&M

Bracelets: Aldo, F21, Charlotte Russe

Sandals: DSW – Dolce Vita brand

I love this outfit so much because of its ease…

It’s quite loose fitting and utterly comfortable.  When I first put this together, I thought, “This would be perfect for vacation…”. It’s breathable, so it works for hotter weather.  When I tell you that I hate the summer, I’m not joking.  The extreme heat and humidity are not my friends.  I also live in the sticks (as you can tell in my photos), so I’m constantly getting bitten by mosquitoes and ticks.

Oh the joys of being home =0)

Until next time…


May 19 – Thrift Store dress…




I’ve been hitting the jackpot recently with my thrift store finds, and this dress is one of those.  I believe it was only $2-3 and it’s soooo comfortable! I would certainly wear it like this for a nice little picnic or day out with friends, but it’s also very suitable to wear to the beach! I’m totally digging the pattern and color too and it’s very refreshing!

Dress: Thrift Store

Shoes: JustFab

May 15 – Blue, Yellow, Green…





I love the color combo of this look because of it’s spring-y vibe.  The dress is a bit on the shorter side, but it’s quite comfortable and lightweight – perfect for hotter weather.

Dress: Self-made

Blazer: eBay

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Flats: H&M

May 14 – Wear to Work: Lace crop and pink flats…





I’m slowly realizing that Mixed No. 6 is turning into one of my favorite shoe brands…

Shirt: F21

Pants: Thrift Store

Flats: DSW – Mixed No. 6 brand

I believe this lace crop top was the first crop top I’d purchased – my memory is horrible…

Anyway, I love it because it is a bit longer, but there is something wrong with it…and it’s completely my fault.

The first time I washed this shirt, the outside shrunk more than the lining.  So the lining sticks out by about 1/4 of an inch.  It’s not entirely noticeable, but know it’s there, so it bothers me.  Luckily, these pants are a bit high waisted so your attention is drawn away from the lining peeking through.

I actually just bought these flats from DSW because I had a coupon (Yay for coupons and rewards!).  I don’t have any baby pink really, other than some bracelets and a sweater, and I really love the print.  This outfit is perfect for work!

Until next time…


May 13 – Bright and Short







Shirt: My sister

Skirt: H&M

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: DSW – Report Signature brand

I’ve only worn this skirt once and I’ve owned it for a few years.  It’s super cute and I love the bright color but it’s super short.

I’m not a huge fan of short items, but it’s springtime dammit! And that means wearing bright colors, even if the item is a bit short for my taste =0)

Until next time…


May 8 – Another crop top and big Oxfords…









Shirt: F21

Khakis: Gap

Shoes: Shoemint

I clearly can’t get enough of crop tops this week…

I love this one because it’s not as tight as the one I wore before.  It’s a bit longer of course and just feels like a shorter version of a regular tee shirt.

I’m totally diggin’ the floral pattern too because it’s not your typical girly, rosy print.

This outfit is giving me girly, tomboy and that’s because of the shoes =0)

This was the first time that I’d ever purchased anything from Shoemint.

I was a member for quite a long time when it was first introduced, but I never got the balls to actual purchase anything from there.  I saw these Oxfords a few weeks ago for 20 buckeroos and knew that I had to snag them.  I’m so lucky that I did too,  because they went back up to $80 the next day!

I love the color and they are super cute but they are way too big!! =0(

However, I’m going to make them work.  I may have to just stuff my shoe with a sock or something because these babies can’t go back.  =0)

Until next time…


May 6 – Wish List and some serious budgeting…

Over the past couple of months, I have been quite frivolous with my spending.  We know Dee loves a steal, but sometimes buying into all those steals and deals causes one to go broke quite quickly.  I was also spending a ton of money on food too, so I knew that I needed to get my act together financially.

So far, it’s been a week and I haven’t spent more than what I’ve budgeted. Throughout the course of responsible spending, I have to treat myself once in a while, so I’ve put together a wish list of items that have been screaming my name (click the pictures to be directed to the product page).



Dulce is one of my favorite Youtubers to watch and lately, they’ve all been coming out with a book. However, this seems to be one that I would actually enjoy reading.  It’s currently on pre-order right now until August, so that certainly fits into my budget!

OMG…I need these in my life! I first saw a pair of espadrille sneakers in J.Crew a few months ago, saw the price, and ran for my life.  In no way was I going to spend over $100 for this type of shoe.  So, of course, I had to scour Forever21 to see what they had and I am digging this print! For $15, I think I can manage =0)

A good maxi skirt/dress is so important during the year.  I know that we are well into spring and summer is around the corner, but this is a year-round staple in my opinion.  At one point, I had a ton of maxi dresses, but when I looked through my wardrobe, all those dresses seemed to disappear! What happened to them? No idea, but I need to step my game up.  H&M is always great for when I’m looking for simple, basic items.  This dress looks so comfortable and the price of course doesn’t disappoint at $25 =0)

Stackable Band Rings- Set of 5 by Stella & Dot

I’m in desperate need of plain gold/silver rings it’s ridiculous.  I love big, statement jewelry, but on a day to day basis, I do like to wear rings that are a little more muted.  However, my go-tos like H&M and F21 don’t have the best quality when it comes to their rings.  They start to turn within a few weeks and we all know that green fingers are not cute…

Stella and Dot seems to always have such cute pieces – plain and statement – so I had to look at their selection.  I also have big fingers (I wear a size 8-8.5 in women’s rings), so those former retailers typically don’t have rings that fit my fingers.  At $39, I will certainly be getting these because they will not only last me for a much longer time, but they will fit these thick fingers of mine! =0)

This last one is a bit random =0)

I love food of course, especially dried fruits. However, those things can get to be expensive! I scoured Amazon for different companies and there are LOADS out there and surprisingly, with low prices.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when dried fruits have added sugar.  If I’m going to eat a piece of fruit in its raw state, with no sugar, I expect the same thing from it when it’s dried!

Anywho, those are the random items that I’ve been jonesing for lately.  Everything is pretty reasonable which means that they fit into my extremely tight budget.  I’m not poor by any means, but sometimes, I do get a bit carried away with my moolah.  Plus, I have quite a few travel plans coming up for work and play, so I have to make sure that I have enough spending money! =0)

What items are on your wishlist this month? Anything you think I should check out? Let me know! =0)

Until next time…