October 20 – Thug Kitchen cookbook

Thug Kitchen

(Photos, clockwise from left: Rodale, Matt Dukor/Epicurious, Thug Kitchen)

I’m not one that does cookbook reviews…I leave that to the professionals, like my sister over at The Art of Sunday Dinner

However, I might just do one for the sake of this cookbook.

I would see images of recipes on sites like Imgur and Reddit that had the same tone as the recipes in this book. I’m not sure if they were taken from their blog as it was a long time ago that I saw the recipes, but you’ve got to admit, they are freakin’ hilarious.

Check out their Thug Kitchen blog here.

I’m definitely getting my hands on this book and will share with the world my ultimate joy as I start cooking some of these recipes =0)

I think they just took cooking, and the cookbook, to a whole different level…

Until next time…



October 20 OOTD


Pullover: Gap

Vest: Gap

Jeans: Oldnavy

Flats: DSW

Simple outfit today. You’ll probably be seeing this vest a bit more during this season as it’s perfect for those brisk fall days without having to put a coat on.  I do have a nice trench that I purchased a few years ago that I’ll probably break out as well, but right now, I’m all about the vest…


Until next time…


October 19 OOTD



Tee: Gap

Blazer: H&M

Jeans: Gap

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Bracelets: F21

Flats: H&M

A bunch of stuff going on today…

I just wanted a casual outfit for church today.  I couldn’t just wear the tee and jeans, I mean, I just had to pair the outfit with this awesome blazer I have.  It’s a bit boxy which I love because it’s comfortable yet, kicks it up a notch.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!

Until next time…


October 18 OOTD


Tee: Gap

Shirt: Oldnavy

Vest: Gap

Jeans: Gap

Scarf: Oldnavy

Boots: From my mother

I’m excited to finally break this vest out.  I purchased it a few years ago when it was on super sale at Gap. The best part is that it’s from the men’s section!

I remember the reason I bought this instead of the women’s was because that year, the women’s vest were hideoussss . They weren’t the cool puffers that we had before and I was a bit discouraged because  I really wanted to get one.  When I saw that the men actually had better looking vests, I waited for a sale and purchased this one.  It’s still a teeny bit big but, I’m able to wear multiple layers underneath it without feeling like the Michelin monster dude. =0P

Until next time…


October 17 – Bow and Drape

I loveeeee this company. It’s kind of like those t-shirt companies that allow you to customize to your heart’s content, but this is a bit different.

It’s garnered toward women that wish to customize a sweatshirt or tee with a cheeky little graphic.

I was checking out what the community has come up with and attached my favorites so far.  They are freakin’ hilarious and I seriously want to make one! I’ve got to make one that’s fashion related right? It’s only natural…

(All photos found at bowanddrape.com)

Until next time…


October 17 OOTD


Tee: From a friend (originally from Gap)

Jeans: Gap

Blazer: Gap

Necklaces and Bracelets: Jewelmint

Flats: Oldnavy

Love these colors together…reminds me of that skirt I just made =0)

I’m so ready for the weekend…

It’s been a busy but productive week, so even though I’m tired, it’s totally worth it =0)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time…


October 16 OOTD


Tee: Gap

Shirt: Oldnavy

Khakis: Gap

Scarf: Oldnavy

Boots: Payless

Dorothy was right…there really is no place like home…

I love going to PA to see my coworkers and my friends, but God knows that when I get back home, I’m happy to see my family, my friends, and just people that I care about.

I used to dread being here, like I was stuck because I am living with my dad, but things have changed in a way that I would have never expected – in a good way.

I’m thankful for my network here – truly brings me joy in my life =0)

Until next time…


October 15 – Blue Apron

I love food…I think I’ve made that pretty clear here…

love animated GIF

I also love subscription boxes/services.  At one point, I belonged to about 6. How I afforded that? I have no idea…

Anywho, I first heard about Blue Apron randomly – either from my sister or YouTube. There’s a couple on YouTube who orders from Blue Apron quite often and so I decided to look into it a bit more.

The meals that the YTers would get always looked so good, so I wanted to see what meals they’ve got going on for the next week. They look soooo good!

I’m thinking of participating in this subscription service after the holidays as the amount of food is insurmountable during that time. The meals change all the time, but I’m hoping that when I do get into it, there will be some great choices.

Anyone ever tried it? Are the meals as tasty as they look?

Until next time…


(All photos found at blueapron.com)

On The Menu

October 15 OOTD


Top: Random boutique in NYC

Dress: F21

Blazer: F21

Belt: H&M

Necklace: eBay

Boots: Payless

I love this dress…

I first wore it here during the summer and again here for church.

After washing it, it shrunk a teeny bit, mainly in the length.  I still wanted to get at least one more wear out of it before I hang it up for the season, so I decided to not only add tights (not pictured here) but also layer a shirt over top of it.

I feel like my layering skills these days are out of control! lol =0P

Until next time…


October 14 – My Habit

When I moved back home, I knew I was going to have three rooms to myself…

Three rooms, Dee?! Yes. Our house is set up in such a way that the second floor was actually supposed to be an attic.  It has lower ceilings than the first floor but spans the entire width of the house – so there’s lots of space.

The three rooms consist of my brother’s room which is now my sewing room/closet; the middle room just a room with nothing going on except a half-bath along one of the walls; and my room/office.

Even though there is a lot of space, I have so much more crap filling up that space.  The sewing room/closet is a hot.mess….

I try to organize and clean, but somehow, it consistently gets messier…I need help!

Anywho, I could rant about my rooms all day, but it would defeat the purpose of this post…

I’m on the hunt for some new furniture to help me organize these spaces.  I have a lot of big furniture that’s taking up way too much space and a lot of crap that needs to disappear.

I came across My Habit – I am in love…

I loveeee their home decor stuff.  It’s a bit pricey, but right now, I’m ok with spending a good chunk of change on some quality pieces, especially if they a) help organize the place and b) look good. =0)

The pieces are absolutely stunning! I don’t know how well they’d help with organization, but at least they’d be aesthetically pleasing to the eye =0).

(All photos found at myhabit.com)

I love these pieces and if I can’t get them now, I’ll definitely try to get them later…maybe when I move into my own house.

I can’t help but take a gander and drool over this furniture!

I really gotta get it together though…I mean, if I showed you guys just how crazy those rooms are, you’d shake your head and probably virtually pluck me in the forehead =0P

Until next time…