September 29 OOTD


Sweater: Gap

Pants: H&M

Scarf: My mother

Flats: F21

Mix and match Monday! =0P

Lots of funky prints and colors going on today…

I’m diggin’ it as I think it’s a great way to start a week.  I can’t believe there’s only one day left of September! I feel like this month/year has just flown by!

Anyone else feel that way?

Hope everyone has a great Monday and great start to the week!

Until next time…


September 28 OOTD



Ooo girl…lemme tell you ’bout this dress…

Dress: Self-made

Sweater: Plato’s Closet

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Bracelets: Target, gift

Flats: Oldnavy

Breaking out this sweater again…

Ok, so onto this dress…

In the beginning of the summer, I decided to be a little ambitious and draft a dress without a pattern.  Most DIYers tell you to use existing clothing as your pattern or template piece, so that’s exactly what I did.  I received the material from Listia a few weeks before starting the project and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

The color is absolutely gorgeous as it would suit any skin type…

I have several dresses with an elasticated waistline, so I took some direction from that.  This was my first time putting elastic into a waistline…there are flaws, but quite minor and I will proudly wear this dress with those flaws =0)

Whaddya guys think?

Until next time…


September 27 OOTD


Top: F21

Sweater: Plato’s Closet

Jeans: Gap

Necklace: F21

Bracelets: Gifts, H&M Jewelmint

Flats: Oldnavy

Showing a bit of patriotism today…

I’m attending a birthday party today, and it’s pretty informal as it’s for family. I decided to keep my ball gown at home…

I don’t have much planned other than the party, which I’m stoked about because my weekends fill up so quickly.  I’ve been getting things done, which is great because I’ve been seriously slacking.

Since my mom’s passing, I’ve been on a mission to clean the house and purge it of unnecessary items.  My rooms have storage areas between the walls and the roof crammed full of stuff, so I’ve been rummaging through everything…trying to figure out what to do with that stuff.

It’s alot of areas (6 to be exact) and going through them has already been hell, BUT! I am determined to get it done.

I’m hoping to tackle a bit of that before the party…

Anyone else purging stuff from their houses or their LIFE?? lol =0)

Until next time…


September 26 – Miss Rebel

I don’t even know how I came across Miss Rebel….

I’ve had the tab open for weeks now and can’t remember how or why…

I have about 15-20 tabs open in my browser at all times because I can’t close something unless I’ve checked it out or it’s time to close (anyone else like that??)

Anywho, I’ve been looking for inspiration for some sewing projects because I’m trying to use up my extra fabric before I go out and buy more.  I’ll probably make 1 or 2 more fabric runs before the year ends as there are only a few more months left and I need money to buy Christmas presents…

So, I was scouring this site for inspiration on the type of items that I want to try to make.  Below, you’ll find my inspirational picks:

(Photos found at

I love the patterns of course, but I also love the fits.  I see myself wearing these types of garments this coming Fall/Winter season – paired with some cute scarves, tights and boots of course.

I’m hoping that I’ll be successful in creating items of this caliber, but in the meantime, I’m have a good ol’ time perusing this new site.  I’m definitely going to be keeping this in my back pocket when I’m ready to buy clothing again =0)

Until next time…


September 26 OOTD


Tee: Gap

Vest: Thrift Store

Jeans: Oldnavy

Necklace: Jewelmint

Sneakers: Target

It’s Friday once again!

I will be attending an event at my church tonight that I’m pretty excited about.  I haven’t been able to attend many women-only events in the past and I’m pumped to be able to do so now that I’m home full time.

I’ve always wanted to try to get more involved in church events, no matter what church I was attending, but always had other things getting in the way of that.  That will begin to change since I won’t have to drive 2 hours to get home from a day of work.  I’m praying that it’ll be a good change as it’s been a long time (at least 10 years) since I was immensely involved in church events and ministry.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend! =0)

Until next time…


September 25 – 3 Tarts

Trio of Marshmallows

(Photo found at

Doesn’t this look scrumptious??

I’m a sucker for a marshmallow and when I saw this deal come up via Groupon, I had to find out a bit more about it.

A few months ago, I ordered some bourbon marshmallows for my sister from a vendor through Brit+Co.  I was scouring Groupon for random deals and came across this one

They have tons of sweet treats and let me tell you, they all look so fantantastic.  I don’t know if I’m going to take advantage of the deal, because well, I will certainly spend more than $20 on merchandise from this place.

I love marshmallows and I’m stoked to try these out one day!

Random food post but we all know Dee…she loves to be randommmm =0P

Until next time…


September 25 OOTD

September252014 September252014Acc

This will probably be the last time I wear this shirt for some time…I can’t help but wear it! lol

Top: eShakti

Jeans: Oldnavy

Scarf: Mother

Bracelet: F21

Flats: Oldnavy

We all know I love this shirt. End of story.

The most important thing about today is that I will be catching up on shows from yesterday AND Scandal comes back on tonight!

It’s honestly the only show that I watch in real time (other than football).  If you don’t know about Scandal, you betta ask somebody!! Even though it’s super crappy outside, I’m happy knowing that 1) I’ve got a job that requires me to be inside all day and 2) that Scandal is coming back on…

I’m a happy chica =0)

Until next time…


September 24 – Fall TV

So now that we’re in the full swing of things for fall, it’s time to talk about Fall TV.  Other than fashion and pumpkin-everything, fall is the best season simply because of what’s on the tv.

Shows that I’ll be catching up on (as you can see by the list, it’s a lot):

Scandal, Once Upon A Time, Big Bang Theory, Parenthood (so sad that it’s the last season), Football (duh…), Criminal Minds (mmm yes, Dr. Reid and Agent Morgan), New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Middle, Modern Family, Shark Tank, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The following list is of shows that are new (some not so new, but new to me) that I’m looking forward to watching as well!

Gotham, The Voice, How to Get Away with Murder, the Red Band Society, Constantine, Jane the Virgin.

So as you can see, I’m going to be incredibly intimate with my television over the next couple of months and God knows, I’m excited.

What are you guys looking forward to watching this season? Any shows you think I should watch?

Until next time…


September 24 OOTD


Tank: H&M

Button-down: Gap

Khakis: Gap

Necklace: F21

Flats: F21

I’m a green monster today…

When I was going through my clothing, I came across my muscle tees. I love the colors and wanted to still be able to rock them before it gets super cold.  I figured I’d wear this green one as an oversized vest.

However, this tank is superrrr oversized, so I’m going to pin the sides to create a ruching effect so the tails of the shirt peak through underneath.  Green is one of my favorite colors to wear; so this outfit is giving me all sorts of life right now =0D

Until next time…


September 23 – Skimm??

I get a ton of emails from companies, retailers, people I don’t know.  Most of the time I just get rid of the emails without opening them until I came across one in which its subject said, “You just got Skimm’d”…

What does that mean?

Reaction GIF: what?, confused, Taylor Swift

I had to click on it.

The body of the email wasn’t too convoluted, which I appreciated. I clicked on the link and was brought to a place that had just text and barely (if any, photos) (Click Here).

Essentially, from what I could see, Skimm is a less convoluted site that gives you information about current events involving ISIS, Syria and NFL among other things.

It’s actually quite interesting if you think about it because we typically skim through articles because of all the text.  Sometimes, we, lazy people, just want to read the good interesting stuff – forget the fluff!

Anywho, I thought it was pretty cool and I’m glad I didn’t delete the initial email. How they got my email? Who knows? I enter giveaways and such so often these days that the junk mail in my inbox is getting a bit out of control…

anyone else heard of/use Skimm?

Until next time…